McDonald’s and Crocs Unveil Hamburglar and Grimace-Inspired Shoes for $75

McDonalds and Crocs have teamed up to create a collection of clogs, sandals, charms, and socks inspired by the iconic branding and mascots of the fast-food chain, including Grimace and Hamburglar. These unique shoes are priced at up to $75 per pair. 

Starting mid-day Tuesday, the companies will launch four styles of shoes, including a classic red McDonalds-inspired clog, a striped black-and-white Hamburglar clog, a yellow Birdie clog, and a purple Grimace sandal, as announced by McDonald’s on Monday. The quirky shoes, ranging in price from $70 to $75, will be accompanied by $20 matching socks featuring the faces of the famous characters. Customers can also adorn their shoes with Jibbitz charms resembling the chain’s Big Macs, fries, and Chicken McNuggets, along with clip-ons inspired by the company’s golden arches. 

Crocs’ McDonald’s-inspired clogs come in four styles inspired by the fast-food company’s iconic mascots. 


Starting mid-day Tuesday, shoppers can purchase the shoes online, at Crocs stores, and through wholesale partners, according to McDonald’s. 

This is not the first time McDonald’s has leveraged its mascots to drive sales. In June, the company initiated a viral campaign to promote its Grimace-branded milkshake, which soared to the top of TikTok’s trend chart and garnered millions of mentions across various social media platforms, as reported by Restaurant Business. 

McDonald’s has also ventured into the fashion arena previously. In August, the company collaborated with the British skate brand PALACE to introduce branded apparel. 

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